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We aim to use arts and crafts to support health and wellbeing and we structure these groups so that they are of particular benefit to people who find going out a challenge and may be experiencing loneliness.  You might choose to come to a group because could be because you are not working and don't get out much because you are retired or have a disability.  We also support people experiencing mental health difficulties such as stress, anxiety or depression.

People may find that they shift between groups, depending on their schedules and how they're feeling.

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Yarnjackers - Weds

Revive - Thurs/Fri


We are also friends with...

The Knitting Guerillas of Blighty - a.k.a The KGB!

A group full of secret agents and plotting.  Led by master agents Troutmask and Niddynoddy, the KGB's missions are intended to make you smile with creations made from their own fair hands. You are welcome to enter to their woolly world where yarny art rules to make smiley people!

For further information get in touch via the Contact Us page or come along to a Knit2gether meeting.

Find out about our shenanigans by visiting the KGB blog or follow us via facebook or twitter