I’m a visual artist and my work is usually painting, drawing, printmaking. I’ve contributed a number of greeting card designs, sketches and watercolours for Little Bird SOS, I also designed their logo and website headers.

I genuinely think everyone is creative in some way and art is a positive human imperative. Whoever dipped their hand in animal blood and pressed it against a cave wall was fulfilling a need to make something special for no particular reason other than 'awe' - I feel very close to that person. My own interests throughout my life have mainly been painting and music. I recall as a 16 year old playing my crappy (Boots!) guitar and trying to be Rene Magritte. Now those two numbers have swapped places (oh god!), my interests are the same as ever. Music and art enrich my life, provide positivity, engagement with life and with myself, fascination, better well-being, and occasionally what I can unashamedly describe as transcendence. It does not make you happy, necessarily, but draws you into a place where you may be less un-happy, and even help generate some awe?

Little Bird SOS understands how creative activities have very welcome psychological effects and benefits, and offer activities to encourage social making, sharing and friendship, rebuild confidence, and improve skills in art, craft, and even in living. I am happy to support this in any way I can.

Dave Pidgeon