Getting Creative

Each week we run welcoming and friendly creative workshops online.  You can click to register for our forthcoming events below.  If you've already participated in a workshop and need a reminder of how to carry on your craft, click the appropriate image to find links to tutorials from the sessions that will help you learn .  If you've not joined in yet please do take a look at our workshops, you are very welcome to join in our online events to inspire you to make beautiful things from natures discards or unwanted items in the home.  

February 25th

Feb 25th : Info & Tickets

March 4th

March 4th : Info & Tickets

Botanical Collage

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A Note to the New Year

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Upcycled Baubles

Origami Garlands

Pocket Buddy


Advent Envelopes

Natural Inks & Quills

Make a Paper Birdhouse

Handwritten Letters


Make a Paper Luminary

Let's Go Leaf Bombing

Crafting with Leaves

Leaf Bowls

Mini Bunting

Dream Catchers

Circular Weaving

Drawing for Beginners

Painting Feathers