Welcome to Little Bird School of Stitchcraft…

I am based in the Charnwood Area of Leicestershire, and I offer a variety of workshops for all ages to suit all levels of ability.

I come from a long line of creative people.  My mother was a tailor and my grandmother a seamstress, and countless aunts and uncles on my paternal side of the family were in the textile industries as framework knitters, weavers and dyers.  I feel  I have inherited a talent for stitchcraft! 

Currently, I run sessions in cafes and museums and for arts organisations on a freelance basis, around the Leicester and Charnwood area, where participants can relax in beautiful surroundings whilst learning a new craft skill.

My background is in healthcare.  I am a trained and experienced nurse with a certificate in counselling studies and a degree in Health Studies.  I have also worked with the homeless in Harlem NYC.  I have a particular interest in ‘arts for health and wellbeing’ and am in a unique position of being able to combine both my healthcare training with stitchcraft, which I am passionate about.

Additionally, I make and exhibit my own work locally and nationally, which I make from recycled textiles.  Along with my good friend, known as Troutmask, we can provide you with the power to create with minimal impact on our environment via our sister site called Yarnjackers

I firmly believe that art and craft activities enrich peoples lives and help make them more rounded and healthier human beings.

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Lisa Pidgeon

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