Our Vision

Little Bird SOS seeks to raise the profile of arts for health and wellbeing, to demonstrate and evidence the improvement of mental health, and to expand the reach of positive outcomes for individuals, families and communities.

Our Values

We value being able to provide a place of refuge, safety and security in a peaceful environment that inspires meaningful creativity.  We help people to enjoy life and give themselves the permission to do so.  

Our Community

Our community extends beyond volunteer groups and is inclusive of professionals and partner organisations in arts, healthcare and educational organisations, private companies, voluntary and government agencies and charitable trusts.There is an important link between arts and wellbeing. Rather than trying to help people in a clinical sense we use creative solutions, to give people a chance to make and create at their leisure.  This has some wonderful results:

The Confidence Toolkit

It can take many years to build confidence to run an organisation, like Little Bird SOS and we have been lucky to have Pete Mosley as one of our Directors.  Pete's experience, as a business coach,  has been absolutely vital in helping navigate our way towards running a sucessful small enterprise.  If you are running a creative business and need help to grow your confidence and find your voice, he has developed this online toolkit to help.

This toolkit will help you build your confidence in many ways - getting over your fear or aversion to selling yourself - finding and building relationships with customers and clients, understanding how to tell the story that will help them get to know, like and trust you, and finding your authentic voice and deciding exactly where you can use it to really shine through. It'll also help you to be more effective - you'll get better results by doing fewer things to a higher standard.

Confidence for Creatives

This resource is a blend of video, audio, things to read, things to reflect on and things to do. You don't have to start at the beginning and work towards the end. You can dip in and out of the content in any order you choose. Material will be added on regular basis.

OFFER: Click here (or on the Confidence for Creatives logo) and use the code FIRST100 at checkout to get the toolkit for just £32.40 during the launch period. (40% discount, inclusive of VAT) 

Who is it for?

Freelancers. creative people. Self-employed people who work alone. Coaches, therapists or change makers - we all struggle with the same issues. Anyone with an idea that they have turned into an income earning proposition is highly creative.